Thursday, December 30, 2010


Diggin' It is located at 507 North Tennessee in McKinney, TX.
Merry Christmas, y'all!! We're just back from Texas where we had Tex-Mex in seventy degree weather on the patio one day and were freezing cold and layering up the next. (I've got to admit I miss that dramatic weather change thing now that we live in the NW where the weather is a whole lot more consistent.) We visited with as many family and friends as we could in the few days we were there. We ate our fill of Blue Bell Ice Cream, Tex-Mex, catfish, shrimp cheese grits, and even a little fried chicken complete with all the fixin's. (And yes, next week I'm back to my Jazzercise classes!!) I even managed a quick shopping sweep through several antique malls and boutiques in between driving from East Texas to Dallas to Oklahoma City.

Diggin' It offers customers an eclectic
 assortment of funky junk and handmade wares.

While in McKinney we got to spend a lot of good times with one of our dearest friends, Tracey Collins who owns Diggin' It, at 507 North Tennessee. Sweet Girl even worked with Ms. Tracey one afternoon for a school mentor project.

Sweet Girl has been a fan of Diggin' It since
 Tracey began dreaming of having her own store.
She's pretty fond of her "Aunt Tracey" too.

Tracey's mantra greets customers at Diggin' It.
Tracey has a bountiful store full of fabulous junk, and incredible treasures she's collected from right down the street and half-way around the globe. In addition to all the fantabulous goods at Diggin' It, now she'll also be offering my Good Ju-Ju Jewelry creations. That's right! 

My Good Ju-Ju Jewelry creations
 are now available at Diggin' It!

Tracey has several of my latest necklace creations all made with a little vintage junk and a whole lot of good ju-ju and love as well as my vintage earring bracelets! Thanks to Tracey for supporting the creative spirit and giving so many of us a chance. I'm Diggin' It!

A few of Tracey's funky finds.


Peace, love, and all the good stuff, y'all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This awesome paper angel watched over Billie's
Brocanteur Vintage booth at 2nd Saturdayz.
 Not even record amounts of Seattle rainfall could dampen the great vibe of last weekend's 2nd Saturdayz Vintage Market. Creativity embraced every corner of the cozy workshop space.  I had the great fortune to meet so many talented folks and wonderful area shop owners. Thanks, y'all for making this Texas girl feel right at home. In addition, thanks to the fabulous Junk Tribe for their endless efforts to make this the incredible, creative monthly market it is. Stay tuned for more 2nd Saturdayz Vintage Market dates for 2011.

Today's Good Stuff:
1. A cozy fireplace
2. Receiving Christmas cards
3. Hand-knit mittens
4. Holiday parties
5. Gratitude for so many blessings!

I love these clever paper ornaments purchased at November's market.

Lori's CinnabarBlue creations are as fabulous as she is!

Such artistry in Elizabeth's Fussbucket's World designs!

This wonderful vintage ornament wreath was made for
 me years ago by  my good friend, Tracey, of McKinney's Diggin' It!

A vintage Christmas vignette for the mantle.
Votive candle holders made with old
lace, shiny bits, and lots of glitter!


Monday, December 6, 2010


Junkin' joy is everywhere these days! Take a look at these fabulous BURLAP PILLOWS my friend Pam from Bugaboo Vintage Design is selling. Pam is a brilliant seamstress and has been whipping up incredible designs made from vintage linens for years now, but her latest creations include hand-stamped BURLAP FEATHER STUFFED PILLOWS. She's also making beautiful pillows featuring Victorian postcard transfers. To order or get more information about the pillows seen here or any of her cute kid clothing and sweet baby accessories, contact Pam on her website:
Then there's my newest creations from my own little cottage on Dragonfly Hill, BLISS TILES -- canvas squares hugged tightly in vintage bark-cloth and cotton florals. They'd be fun to feature on a wall or special cozy niche. Also, GLITTERY CANDLEHOLDERS featuring tiny Victorian postcards and hand-stamped inspirations. I've also got a whole new group of "GOOD JU-JU" jewelry including vintage bracelets and necklaces.  
Pam's BURLAP CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS, PILLOWS, and some of her other wonderful BUGABOO VINTAGE DESIGN creations as well as my treasure trove of goodies made with a little junk and a lot of love will be just a few of the spectacular vintage items available for sale at 2ND SATURDAYZ VINTAGE MARKET, next Saturday, December 11 at Seattle's Magnuson Park on Sand Point Way. See for more info.


Saturday, December 4, 2010


(I've unpacked this previously published post as it still resonates with me during this season of waiting and rejoicing.)

"'Hope' is the thing with feathers --
That perches in the soul --
And sings the tune without the words --
And never stops -- at all -- . . . " Emily Dickinson
 Howdy, Friends!
Tis the season of quick moving, calendar jam-packed with activities, and more to do than time to do it all. Why then would I even begin to suggest it's time to pull over from the highway of life for a sweet rest stop?

A lovely little group of vintage angels.
Vignette of precious hand-crafted ornaments and family pics.
This little snowman was created by Kim of NEST and GARDEN.
Well, dear readers, for exactly that reason. Because we are all so busy and this season of holiday wonderfulness is so short, and guess what, there are no "do-overs" on the old ramblin' blacktops of life.
Did you know the Christmas tree originated in Germany and is a symbol of peace?
This is the perfect time to take a break, take a walk, enjoy a winter morning sunrise or sunset with the ones you love, watch children enjoy the season whether they are your grand-children, your own, or your friend's kids. Kids absorb so much more richly than we grown-ups do. They're only caught up in the moment.

This incredible advent wreath with its real bird's nest was created by Deb of GARDEN PARTY.
In my faith walk, it is the season of Advent, a time when we prepare our hearts and minds for the birth of the Christ child and His return again one day.
I enjoy making time to listen to music by candlelight each
evening as it begins to get dark -- thankful for the LIGHT in a dark world.

Many other global faith walks have similar traditions marking the year's end in self-reflection and introspection.
With that in mind, give yourself permission to hit the blinker and pull off the busy highway of life to rest and rejoice. Let go of the frantic schedules, the crazy pace, and the rushing through every moment.
Just be -- if only for a few minutes.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A sample of Kim's clever creations. Here, she has repurposed
a glass goblet and silver-plated coaster to be a tiny cloche
for a tiny bottle brush tree.
Today there's a happy mix of snow and sunshine in Western Washington. It's a good day to be home enjoying both. However, before the snow began last weekend, I hit the blacktops and headed north toward Snohomish, WA to Kim and Luanne's Nest and Garden Christmas Open House held at their Little Red Barn in the country. Kim's motto is Thomas Edison's quote; "to invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." Indeed, her creations reflect a whole lot of imagination combined with a fun blend of vintage, rustic, and repurposed finds. Her Little Red Barn was full of imaginative, decorative pieces and the joyful sound of friends and family visiting around the cozy heater. Please see JOYWORKS: Nest and Garden Open House for more great pics. Next, I hit an estate sale in Everett and purchased a Victorian chair with a green velvet, tufted seat. Then, I headed back to Snohomish for a quick spin through several of my favorite shops including Joyworks, Annie's on First, and Faded Elegance  to name a few! Then, on to M&M Antiques & Collectibles Antique Mall in Monroe. The shopping was fast and furious as I hurried back to pick up Sweet Girl from school. Despite the fast-pace, the road north led to some great decorating and gift ideas and some wonderful new friends. 
One of my favorite purchases from Nest and Garden.
 Can't think of a better message for the front porch!

The rose barkcloth pillow is from Joyworks in Snohomish.
 This is a great place for reading, writing,
and day-dreaming on a snowy afternoon.

Love this sign (also from Joyworks!) and it
 goes well with my Bluebonnet
 pottery and peacock feathers.

This vignette includes a Nest and Garden tree in
a bottle, and several other old favorites.

A gentle reminder that every creation
begins with a dream or two!

1. Snow Days
2. Moonbeams across fresh snow
3. Two-stepping with the one you love
4. Birthday Chocolate Cream Pie
5. Thankfulness for abundant blessings and prayers for those less fortunate

Peace, love, and abundant Thanksgiving blessings to y'all!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Lots of great vintage items at 2nd Saturdayz.
Just wanted to share a few pics from 2nd Saturdayz Vintage Market held last weekend at Seattle's Magnuson Park on Sand Point Way. The big ole hanger was full of fabulous vendors with loads of wonderful junk and several clever garden structures by Bob Bowling  Rustics. Check out:

Adorable handmade stockings by
Bugaboo Vintage Design.

The Garden Cat booth spreadin' some
vintage holiday junkin' joy.

Brown transfer ware tea cups serving up old
velvet pincushions and Victorian calling cards,

Mark your calendars now for December 11's 2nd Saturdayz Vintage Market -- just in time to find last minute holiday gifts and snag some crazi, cool vintage and antique pieces for your own sweet nest.
Thanks to the always creative, incredible JUNK TRIBE for organizing this fantastic monthly vintage market. 

1. Reconnecting with friends and family
2. Roller-skating (old school style)
3. Homemade soup
4. Classic movies
5. A favorite sweater

Peace, love, and all the good stuff, y'all!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I'll have several Bliss Bottles at 2nd Saturday.
I dust old bottles with glitter, and layer
 them with wire, vintage bits, and
add happy thoughts before capping them
with vintage shell buttons. 
  Looking for something especially unique this holiday season?  Or maybe you're feeling  nostalgic for glittery decorations like your grandma had back when you were a kid? 
Search no further, my sweet junking buddies!! Thanks to the fabulous, fearless Junk Tribe and their band of funky vendors, 2nd Saturdayz this Saturday, November 13 is bound to have at least a few hundred cool items to fit the bill. This is the largest 2nd Saturdayz Vintage Market to date and will be filled with the creme de la creme of spectacular holiday creations, vintage, and antique items. No doubt, you'll find something you didn't even know you needed! Besides, since you now get an extra hour of sleep, you've no excuse not to get yourself up early Saturday, grab some java and a shopping cart, and join the junking party going on out at Seattle's Magnuson Park's big old hanger on Sand Point Way. I'll be setting up The Garden Cat there with specially selected vintage holiday, shabby cottage, and farmhouse cozy items. Just ten bucks gets you in for early shopping from 8 to 10 a.m.  For more information and directions, check out
Milk-glass pedestal bowl filled with bottle brush trees and glittery stars.

Miniature angel band performing on
 a small box full of vintage glass ornaments.

Just a few of the vintage ornaments
I'll have at 2nd Saturdayz this weekend.

Homemade mini Christmas tree and
 vintage Santa ornament ready
to bring on holiday cheer.

A little of everything, including a box of vintage ornaments,
a hand-made picket fence, and a silver dish
filled with a Garden Cat Christmas garland.
1. Glitter, glitter, and more glitter
2. Gingerbread
3. Holiday Bazaars
4. Contributing to your favorite charity
5. Kid-made ornaments

Peace, love, and all the good stuff, y'all!

Monday, November 1, 2010


One weekend's junkin' round-up features finds from several estate sales,
 garages sales, and local thrift stores.

Figuring out what to do with the great junk I find is one of the things I most enjoy about my junking journeys.  Case in point, we recently found ourselves in a cool old house in the heart of Seattle full of more than 70 year's worth of accumulation. I bought a pretty chair, a hand-colored picture, some costume jewelry, four glass medicine bottles full of shell buttons, and two old lamp shades.The beautiful buttons will find their places in one of my handmade bracelets or garlands. The lampshades will be repurposed into displays for my Garden Cat booth. Most of the other items will also be for sale at several upcoming Vintage Flea Markets. In addition, we also purchased old pictures, silverware (for different crafting projects), a child's chalkboard, a vintage typewriter, a gold framed mirror, and an old suitcase. To see any of these Garden Cat treasures (or many others in my collection,) come to Hanger 30 at Magnuson Park on Sandpoint Way in Seattle. I'll be at the Junk Tribe's 2nd Saturdayz from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, November 13 and December 11.  Just ten bucks will get you into the Vintage Flea Market for early shopping from 8 - 10 a.m., and it's only $4 after 10 a.m. Check out for more information. The Junk Tribe has done a fantastic job organizing 2nd Saturdayz and plans to continue to host this great vintage flea market throughout the year. These two markets will be jam-packed with an incredible group of vendors with "fine tastes and curious treasures."  
This is a sample of the garlands I make from vintage
costume jewelry, crystal beads, and shell buttons.
 No two are alike and all are created with happy
vibes of peace, love, and a lot of good stuff.

Here's three of my bracelets. I use vintage
 costume earrings and beads to make them.
1. Walks in the rain
2. Eating by candlelight
3. Brownies (nuf said!)
4. Checking out a local museum
5. Vintage carved shell buttons

Peace, love, and all the good stuff y'all!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


As leaves flutter to the moist ground and the temperatures drop, my nesting instinct kicks into high gear. This autumn I'm loving the look of mixing Blues and Browns. At our hacienda, I've gone heavy on the Blue Willow dishes, vintage blue ticking pillows, and brown toile fabrics. While I always enjoy hitting the blacktops on the search for good junk, I also like making our house comfy and welcoming for the holiday season. Nests are a big theme at our house. There's just something sweet and comforting about preparing a warm, safe, cozy place for family and friends in the face of the oncoming blustery winter weather. So pull out your favorite cozy pieces, light the fireplace and/or a candle or two, put on the music that touches your soul, and have a special meal with the ones who mean the most to you.  I'd love to hear your nesting ideas and suggestions. Happy Nestin', y'all!

A happy front porch welcome.

Today's Good Stuff:

Blue Willow teapot full of orange roses.
1) A rainy day and good book
2) Cinnamon Apple Crisp
3) Texas Ranger's Baseball Team
4) Blues Music
5) Sunday Supper

Peace, love, and all the good stuff, y'all!

Blue and brown toiles combined with chocolate velvet.