Monday, October 21, 2013


Hey, Y'all! It's almost BARN SALE time--that is Rusted Gingham Barn Sale time! Last year I was supposed to be a vendor at this wonderful vintage market. However, due to circumstances beyond my control I had to back-out at the last moment. This year I'm so excited to finally be participating as a vendor! 

This gorgeous vintage 1950s Ford F-100 is loaned 

by a gentleman to welcome guests to the Rusted Gingham 
Barn Sale. What a beauty!
Rusted Gingham is in its sixth year and although it is a small vintage market it packs a 

Lots of fun things at the Barn Sale!
powerful punch of INCREDIBLE vendors with booths full of FABULOUS "vintage, antique, unique,  

handmade, remade, or otherwise made goods."
You see, this is a vintage market with a lot of SOUL and is a great example of what makes our 

Beautiful wares created by Adornments by
Lisa will be at the Rusted Gingham Barn Sale.
Look for Adornments by Lisa for lovely
 items that make great Christmas gifts!
JuNkIn' community so awesome--good 

Sisters Elaine and Betsy of Sisters Treasures will be at the Rusted Gingham Barn Sale.
people creating and showcasing GOODS made with creativity and genuine craftsmanship
RUSTED GINGHAM BARN SALE will be held Friday, November 1 from 5-8 p.m. and Saturday, November 2 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. at J.B. Wells Showbarn in Gonzales, TX. 
Garden Cat Vintage will be at the Rusted Gingham Barn Sale.

Hope to see ya at the Barn Sale!

Until next time, 
Peace, love, and all the
 good stuff to ya sweet friends!

Monday, October 14, 2013


Hey, Y'all! I know most of ya think October is all about Halloween, but for many JUNKERS it's about getting to as many vintage markets and antique shows as possible. Luckily for us, there are a whole heap of fabulous JUNKIN' shows coming up in the next few weeks here in TEXAS as well as a Lone Star-sized book festival where I'm thrilled to be participating as an author signing copies of First Monday Murder
Post-TX Fall Antiques Week the JUNKIN' fun commences again this weekend, Friday, October 18-19 when the Rodeo Queens host Petticoats on the Prairie Vintage Market in Colorado City. Vendors from OK, TX, and NM will be displaying their wares in the barns at the Mitchell County Fairgrounds. In addition, lots of Sisters on the Fly will be there with their incredible vintage trailers. Junkers will be in for a double special treat as In Ca-Hoots will open up in downtown Colorado City with a variety of

vendors featuring antiques, vintage goods, and needful things. 
If you happen to be closer to Austin, it's City-Wide Garage Sale weekend at the Palmer Events Center.
Many of my friends will be there with their own unique collections of vintage items, including Garden Antqs Vintage.

 Just west of the City-Wide Garage Sale,
Fredericksburg Trade Days will be in full 
swing with lots of great vendors including the 
fabulous JUNKIN' sisters of Sisters Treasures.
Are ya keepin' up with all this? 
Take a deep breath...there's 
The next weekend is the Hico Antiques Show.
AND a little further south down the blacktop it's also The Urban Market Houston 

Antique Show.
if you're near Austin...stop by the Texas Book Festival where you can grab some great  

books, meet fascinating authors, and stop by and say, "Hi." I'll be signing copies of First Monday Murder at the Writers League of TX tent Saturday, October 26 from 4-5 p.m.
The following weekend is 
First Monday Trade Days in Canton
Rusted Gingham Barn Sale in Gonzales. 
I'll be headed to Rusted Gingham with a trailer-load of Garden Cat goodies and a theme I'm calling Victorian Cowgirl Chic. 

After that, I'll be reloading the trailer and headed to JUNK Hippy Roadshow in Waco with lots of 
vintage Christmas goods as well as a load of adorable pink, mint green, and white farm/cottage furniture. 
Whew! As usual, so much JUNK, so little time! 
Happy Junkin' sweet friends! 
Hope to catch up with you somewhere down the blacktop. 
Until then, 

 Peace, love, and all the
 good stuff, y'all!

Monday, October 7, 2013


Hey, Y'all! Oh my goodness-just like that we've slipped from September to October! I lost track of time, news headlines, and the latest TV drama because Mattie Mae (my old SUV) kept taking us south toward the "pastures of plenty" almost every day for a week and a half. Not that I minded. As a matter of fact, it was like driving to junkin' wonderland everyday! I used my drive-time to appreciate the blooming cotton fields that looked like fresh snow. I listened to Austin radio and caught up on lots of great live music performed at Austin City Limits. I snacked on almonds, apricots, and drank gallons of tea. I even worked on plotting for my latest Jimmie Rae adventure, VINTAGE MURDER and I drove...and drove!
As I veered off the Indy-paced Texas Highway 290 and onto the take-your-hat-off-and-stay-awhile pace of Texas 237 my heart always fluttered in anticipation of what junkin' happiness could be awaiting in those fields of plenty
One day I took a gravel farm to market road and after a washed out bridge, 'road closed' sign, and a few other country road detours, I arrived at The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell

 It was worth all the extra miles!

The Prairie is truly a special place. If you can't make it there in person--Rachel has a new book featuring The Prairie and all things Round Top, Texas. 
On other days I hit the fields with my trusty shopping cart looking for unusual and needful things...


However, most importantly, I hung out with lots of great junkin' friends--like Betsy from Sisters Treasures at their booth at Zapp Hall Antiques Show. Yes, it was warm and humid as most days are in south central Texas, but we had a great time visiting and meeting shoppers from one coast to the other...lots of new junkin' friends. 

And on Saturday evening, a glorious "Northerner" came through and left us with this beautiful sunset and cooler temps!

Here are a few of my fresh picks.Betsy sold me the wonderful vintage metal peacock garden love seat which I lovingly crammed into the back of Mattie Mae. She actually sold me two! I'll sell one and keep the other...for now. 
 Until next time sweet friends, 
Peace, love, and 
all the good stuff to y'all!