Monday, September 8, 2014


“I want to lay up like that, to float unstructured, without ambition or anxiety. I want to inhabit my life like a porch.”
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells
Hey, Y'all!
Porches are my thing! Ever since I can remember I've loved porches. My first porch
memories are of my great grandparent's screened-in porch deep in the Piney Woods of southeast Texas. It was the coolest place in their house and I spent hours swinging on their big old porch swing with my little brothers.
My maternal grandmother had not one, but three porches at her lake house near Lufkin, TX. We used the big one at the back the most. From her mid-century rod iron patio chairs I watched
white towels blow on her clothesline or my grandfather clean his morning catch out near their well house.
Having a good porch is a big deal for me when we're looking at buying a house. The house we currently live in has a big covered back porch and a long inviting front porch. I often sit on the back porch and watch the birds at the feeders. Sometimes I write or just watch the clouds pass by.
For me it is a place where I enjoy "unplugging" and visiting with family and friends or just sipping morning coffee or afternoon iced mint tea.
I enjoy freshening up our porches as the seasons change--it's a chance to welcome our guests and create a place to enjoy the cooler weather.

Our porches are furnished with garage sale, flea market, estate sale, and antique mall finds, as well as my grandmother's patio furniture we inherited.
I use painter drop-cloths to cover the cushions on our wicker sofa. I've also used a drop-cloth to cover the necessary, but unsightly mess in the utility shelves. I used curtain clips to hang it. 
I enjoy having a comfy place to sit and relax. At my outdoor office I make sure to have lots of flowers, herb plants, and candles. A stack of favorite books and magazines is important too!
Life on the porch is truly a good thing.
Until next time,
Peace, love, and all
the good stuff sweet friends!