Thursday, June 9, 2011


Love this garden and water
view in Port Townsend!
Any Junker worth their salt knows that junkin' just seems to happen. There you are with your devoted husband, son, daughter, mother, father, and two little dogs enjoying a beautiful family day in lovely Port Townsend when like a magnet you're drawn to the sign -- ESTATE SALE. Well, needless to say the sandwich board on the main drag of Port Townsend sent out it's invisible magnetic pull drawing me to it like an alien to the mothership. My own mother was sputtering protests about how snug we already were in the SUV so how would we be able to get anything else in there? But like the stubborn junk obsessive girl I am I was only focused on how fast I could get to the correct address a few doors down. The beautiful Victorian door was open, welcoming us in to what appeared to be a neighborly upscale garage sale/estate sale. My heart gave it's happy junkin' heart thumpin' skip and I quickly began to peruse the lovely arranged treasures. Two things made it give an extra pitty-pat and contemplate leaving a family member behind in Port Townsend -- a lovely vintage floral chest and a small vanity case! The floral chest was wonderful! I've been known to purchase others in bad condition just for the beautiful rose print, but this one was in pristine condition and just the right price. . . a can't-leave-it-behind-price. So, I purchased it along with the 1930s vanity case all the while my mom was shaking her head in disbelief. "Don't worry," I told her. "I'm a professional. I've done this before." I carried my new rose chest across the street with her blocking the view from my dad and hubby. I popped okay, wedged it into the front seat. My mom thought this would make a great photo op so she took pictures as I tried to get my new purchase into the SUV quickly before my hubby saw it.
Poor Sweet Girl and her brother, Sweet Boy, have literally  spent
 their entire lives sharing cargo space with my vintage treasures.
 Gotta love the kids of a Junkin' kind of momma.

A half hour later, my dad and hubby tracked us down laughing and shaking their heads. And yes, we managed to cram two small dogs and two teenagers and four adults into the SUV along with my new purchases wedged between all of us for the long ride home.
Beautiful street scene from Port Townsend.
Sweet Girl and Sweet Boy -- my tolerant teenagers!

My Momma and Daddy -- never too surprised by my antics.
(That's why I wear my JUNK GYPSY tee shirt, "Mama Tried" so proudly.)

Stunning Victorian house -- one of many
beautiful examples in Port Townsend.

The beautiful rose printed chest
I couldn't leave Port Townsend without.
 It was a fabulous sunshiny day filled with laughter and delight as we explored the incredible Victorian streets of Port Townsend, WA and went home with a couple of junkin' treasures.

Thank you to my very understanding children who have literally spent their entire lives sharing the cargo space with my junkin' treasures. So glad they understand and still love their Junkin' momma.

Peace, love, and appreciatin' my sweet family!