Friday, May 18, 2012


A cutie peeking out from a fabulous rusty buggy
in Today's Country Farm &Frills booth at Ruffles
 & Rust A Vintage Market to Inspire!

Hey, Y'all! Junkin' was my Mother's Day treat last weekend as the beautiful, winding back roads led to Monroe, WA. Monroe has always been one of my favorite junkin' spots and this trip was extra special because of two wonderful events-- Ruffles & Rust A Vintage Market To Inspire and the grand re-opening of M&M Antiques. Here's a glimpse of how amazing it all looked!
I'm told Betty "gets around" and has had her
picture made at all kinds of fun markets
 and locations. She belongs to Bride on a Bike. Isn't she fun?

More fun stuff from Bride on a Bike at Ruffles & Rust.

As always, Auntie's was full of all kinds of wonderful treasures.

Garden Party was gorgeous as ever!

More vintage loveliness from Garden Party.

Garden Party's collection of Victorian German mugs.
Today's Country Farm & Frills (formerly Today's Country Store)
 had all kinds of vintage wonderfulness too. Owners, Amy and Kris,
 are opening their NEW store, Today's Country Farm
 & Frills, June 29 at 880 Main St. in Buckley, WA!

Love the way this vendor used paper umbrellas in
her beautiful booth--sadly, forgot to get her name.

Ruffles & Rust A Vintage Market to Inspire was an AWESOME show. The bonus came down the road and around the corner where M&M Antiques was hosting their Grand Re-Opening. Once located on Main St., M&M Antiques recently put on a "parade" and moved into the old St. Vincent's Thrift Store location at 123 Lewis in Downtown, Monroe. Here's a sneak peek at their fun parade and what their new place looks like. It is quite simply full of incredible dealers and fantastic stuff!

A little Mother's Day (or let's just admit it, ANY day of) JUNKIN' goes a long way...or it will have to for me, sweet friends.

Next week our family begins it's trek back to TEXAS. Our son and I will be heading out in a big ole U-Haul driving the now familiar blacktop from WA to TX. We expect it will be the first of a couple of loads this summer. It is the beginning of a new life journey for our entire family...but knowing me, I'm sure to stop for a JUNKIN' break along the way...after-all I've already got the U-Haul! (Just kidding...sort of!)

Peace, love, and all the good stuff, dear friends!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Four generations
Yes, still four generations. This was taken at my baby shower for Emy.
To all my Junkin' sisters who kindly read this blog-- Happy Mother's Day to ya! Doesn't matter if you have kids or not--this coming Sunday is a day to celebrate YOU and what you share with the world as a wife, mom, step-mom, sister, step-sister, sister-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, grandma, grand-daughter, cousin, auntie, god-mother, and friend.
Junkin' Sisters
Even more Junkin' Sisters

Thanks to you for the prayers you say. Thanks to you for the reassuring hugs and

And even more fabulous Junkin' Sisters!
My Sweet Girl and Sweet G.G. at Build-A-Bear

words you say to get us through life's little struggles.
My Sweet Momma and I at Petticoats on
 the Prairie Vintage Market in Waxahachie, TX.

My Prairie (Junkin') Sisters
Thanks for cheering at our games and competitions in the pouring rain and sweltering sun, or at the "away" game few other parents made it to. Thanks for being in the audience and clapping the loudest and having the great "wolf whistle."

Momma, G.G., and I at Snoqualmie Falls, WA

Sweet Girl and I at Rudy's BBQ
Thanks for helping us pick out the right Easter dress, the right prom dress, and yes, when the time came, the right wedding dress. Thanks for making it okay to be fashionably acceptable in our cowboy boots or bare feet.

The girls at Pikes
Market in Seattle, WA.
Thanks for reading our poems, framing our artwork, and keeping our dried pasta boxes we made for you when we were little. Thanks for reading to us and encouraging us to read to you. Thanks for showing us the correct "lady-like" way to sit and reminding us not to wear too much make-up. Thanks for listening. Thanks for singing the songs for bedtime, break-ups, and celebrating. Thanks for laughing at our corny jokes, tickling us, and making having the giggles okay.

Waiting for the Miranda Lambert concert
 to begin at the Puyallup Fair.
Aunt Tracey Jane and Sweet kids
 at Diggin' It! in McKinney, TX.

My G.G. trying to teach me how to make her gumbo.
 I don't think I liked her suggestion. :)
Thanks for the car trips to unknown places beyond our familiar town. Thanks for teaching us to try new things like walking, talking, and riding a bike. Thanks for fixing the "boo-boos." Thanks for making Kool-Aid Popsicles, chocolate cupcakes,

My Sweet G.G. and Momma!
and tuna noodle casserole. Thanks for teaching us to care for our pets, our grades, and other people. Thanks for teaching us the Golden Rule and reminding us to be thankful, and respectful. Thanks for telling us we're the greatest, smartest, prettiest, sweetest, and most of all, for loving us no matter what.
Happy Mother's Day,
sweet friends!

Peace, love, and blessings to each of you!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


This is Amie and Jolie. They are the one and only original JUNK GYPSIES. I met them at First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX almost 10 years ago after being diagnosed with this. 
I purchased this from them. My first JG t-shirt! I loved the idea of "well behaved women rarely make history." It became my mantra, and I wore this during the summer of "chemo and contemplation." As I recovered from subsequent surgeries (four more total,) I began to search my heart for direction. I began to write. I junked. I wrote and junked.

I listened to Miranda Lambert (a good friend of the Junk Gypsies.) I loved reading the JG blog. My First Monday Murder protagonist, Jimmie Rae, developed into a sassy, junk-obsessed, independent-minded proud Texas woman. And I bought more Junk Gypsy this

Lord knows


but still I began (and still begin) everyday with steaming dark roast coffee in one of these

This one is just too cute!


Drinkin' coffee from one of these always begins my day on the right note, but sometimes my southern sass just wins out and I have to wear this

or this

or this

or this.

But some days, I'm in a more somber, poetic kind of mood so I wear this. This is the back

and this is the front.
And a couple of times a year I get to see these AWESOME Junkin' GIRLS at their

JUNK GYPSY booth at

in Warrenton, TX.
This is even their super fun car,

During Antiques Week, I load this up 

  and hit the JUNKIN' TRAIL.
These girls kept me inspired as I wrote

Why even Jimmie Rae's BFFMaxine Bea Huntington, has a JUNK GYPSY tote bag just for JUNKIN' trips! (See FMM page 26!) 

I've taken this

to flea markets from Seattle to Dallas! I love it so much that I've sewn the strap back on a couple of times, but still I adore it!

Here's a few more of my fav

 JG tees

This is handy for the Farmer's Market.

Are y'all seein' a trend here?
Amie and Jolie are the JUNK GYPSIES and they

and now

loves them so much they gave them
their own ROCKIN,' Decoratin' show!!
The first episode premieres SATURDAY, MAY 5
(also known across the
junkin' world as
 "JUNK GypSY de MAYO"!)
at 6CST/7eastern and pacific.
Until then, I'll lay my head here

and dream this

If y'all don't know the JUNK GYPSIES, for Pete's sake, check them out this

Peace, love, and Junk Gypsies Forever!