Thursday, October 21, 2010


A peek of the whimsical booth created 
by the mom and daughter team,
Machette Bette & Mom.
I've got a confession. I dream about flea markets. Weird, but true.  Usually my flea market dreams revolve around finding an unusual, really cool piece of junk. My flea market dreams always leave me feeling ready to ditch my domestic goddess chores so I can hop in my truck and hit the road to look for whatever I found in my dream.  A few times, I have actually driven right to the cool piece of junk I dreamed about. (Yep! Those are REALLY good days!) Last Friday night's Junk Salvation Vintage Flea Market hosted by those wonderful Funky Junk Sisters, Linda and Dixie was a real Junker's dream realized. My booth-mates, Justine and Cyndi of  Machette Bette & Mom, unpacked a small trailer and pick-up truck all the way from Salmon, Idaho and put together the most fabulous booth which included this beautiful autumn fairy dress form modeling Cyndi's unique silk fabric corsages as well as a giant umbrella with glittery scrunched vintage music sheet "rain-drops." We also met many other wonderful dealers, had lots of customers, and sold many Garden Cat treasures. THANKS, DIXIE and LINDA for bringing a dreamy Vintage Flea Market to life!

Glittery vintage music sheet "rain-drops " -- a junkin' storm of good stuff.
This weekend is RUFFLES AND RUST  by Timi Weathers of Come Junk With Us. Can't wait!! 

1) Country Hayrides
2) Pumpkin Pickin'
3) Halloween Costumes
4) Apple Harvests
5) Homecoming

Peace, love, and all the good stuff, y'all!

A few Garden Cat treasures.

Our Garden Cat model, Ethel,
 is showing off her vintage hat,
1900's Beaded Dress, and a hand-made
 vintage button necklace.

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