Monday, September 12, 2011


One of the highlights of going to Texas this summer was knowing I would be able to hit Canton, Texas home to the world-renowned First Monday Trade Days Market. It has long been one of my favorite monthly flea markets and is even the initial setting for my cozy mystery FIRST MONDAY MURDER. It is a huge market (read acres!!) of both indoor and outdoor booths. I was surprised by all the new buildings there now. Many vendors have regular indoor spaces there, but rest assured there are still lots of junky treasures to be found in the "unreserved" section across the creek. On the day Sweet Girl and I made our way there, it was an especially stifling hot one -- the dreaded August market -- only dreaded because of the oven roasting temps and lack of the usual Texas breezes. I choose to look at the bright side -- less traffic. We took provisions to take on the heat including wet bandanas, mini-water spraying fans, icy water bottles, and good spirits. Sweating so profusely has never been more fun! In addition to finding some great junk, I also got to meet my facebook friends Cathy and Deidra of Girls Gone Junkin’.  Their space, recently voted one of the top five at Canton's First Monday by Southern Living magazine, didn't disappoint. At every turn there were white lacy confections, rusty metal pieces, and even a bit of alluring leather. The combination was unique and wonderfully refreshing. For more info check out

 These photos were taken at other indoor venues at FIRST MONDAY.  I love the looks and inspiration.

For more info on First Monday Trade Days check out
Did I mention Sweet Girl and I keep up our super junkin' strength by sharing chocolate pie?

Peace, love, and pie-lovin' goodness to y'all!!


  1. Super funness !!! I LOVE Canton and Girls Gone Junkin are some of my favorite gals!

  2. Loved looking at the vintage goodies you got to see. I've never been to Canton but I know I'm missing out. My sister is always getting something there. It's only about 3 hours away so I'm really gonna have to just do it. I happen to be an avid mystery reader so I look forward to when your novel gets published!

  3. Hey Lori! Thanks -- love your term "super funness!" it's so appropriate. Canton is such a wonderful if-you-can't-find-it, it's-not-made kind of place. I'm so glad I finally got to catch up with Girls Gone Junkin' and so many other great vendors. BTW, love, love, love your beautiful creations. . . I'll be shopping with you soon! ;) Happy Junkin' trails!

  4. Hey Mrs. Mean -- Yes!! You must hit Canton one of these days. . . maybe make a mini-trip out of it? There's A WHOLE LOT of great junkin' and cool stuff near and around Canton. . . like just down the road in Athens is Winnie and Tululas which I will be posting about next! And if you like to garden there's Blue Moon Gardens in Chandler. Then there's all kind of wonderfulness in and around Tyler . . . !! :) I'm thrilled you're an avid mystery reader. I'm planning on having my mystery available by next Spring. Stay tuned! Thanks for your comment and takin' the time to travel with me. Happy Junkin'!