Thursday, May 3, 2012


This is Amie and Jolie. They are the one and only original JUNK GYPSIES. I met them at First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX almost 10 years ago after being diagnosed with this. 
I purchased this from them. My first JG t-shirt! I loved the idea of "well behaved women rarely make history." It became my mantra, and I wore this during the summer of "chemo and contemplation." As I recovered from subsequent surgeries (four more total,) I began to search my heart for direction. I began to write. I junked. I wrote and junked.

I listened to Miranda Lambert (a good friend of the Junk Gypsies.) I loved reading the JG blog. My First Monday Murder protagonist, Jimmie Rae, developed into a sassy, junk-obsessed, independent-minded proud Texas woman. And I bought more Junk Gypsy this

Lord knows


but still I began (and still begin) everyday with steaming dark roast coffee in one of these

This one is just too cute!


Drinkin' coffee from one of these always begins my day on the right note, but sometimes my southern sass just wins out and I have to wear this

or this

or this

or this.

But some days, I'm in a more somber, poetic kind of mood so I wear this. This is the back

and this is the front.
And a couple of times a year I get to see these AWESOME Junkin' GIRLS at their

JUNK GYPSY booth at

in Warrenton, TX.
This is even their super fun car,

During Antiques Week, I load this up 

  and hit the JUNKIN' TRAIL.
These girls kept me inspired as I wrote

Why even Jimmie Rae's BFFMaxine Bea Huntington, has a JUNK GYPSY tote bag just for JUNKIN' trips! (See FMM page 26!) 

I've taken this

to flea markets from Seattle to Dallas! I love it so much that I've sewn the strap back on a couple of times, but still I adore it!

Here's a few more of my fav

 JG tees

This is handy for the Farmer's Market.

Are y'all seein' a trend here?
Amie and Jolie are the JUNK GYPSIES and they

and now

loves them so much they gave them
their own ROCKIN,' Decoratin' show!!
The first episode premieres SATURDAY, MAY 5
(also known across the
junkin' world as
 "JUNK GypSY de MAYO"!)
at 6CST/7eastern and pacific.
Until then, I'll lay my head here

and dream this

If y'all don't know the JUNK GYPSIES, for Pete's sake, check them out this

Peace, love, and Junk Gypsies Forever!


  1. You leave no doubt that they are your heroes. What a great post! I will tape the episode...thanks for the heads up.
    Annette :>)

    1. Hey, Annette--Thanks! Yep, I really do admire these women--they are quite awesome. But mostly I find them to be inspiring! They began small and just continued dreaming and building their business. I think we can all learn a little something about how important it is to dream big, work hard, and most of all, to not take it all too seriously! :)
      Peace, love, and all the great stuff to you, sweet friend!