Thursday, November 8, 2012


Love this old rusty truck Rusted Gingham use for their BARN SHOW.
Hey Y'all! Sometimes the blacktop throws ya a curve or two and ya just have to hang on to the steering wheel and take the change of directions a little slower. That's what recently happened to me. 
Since before last summer I was on board to attend the awesome Rusted Gingham BARN SALE as a vendor setting up my Garden Cat treasures. However, whenever it came down to it, that was just not to be this time. Instead, I was able to make my way to the BARN SALE as a customer and happy JUNK supporter! 
I've a thing for old Ford trucks (so does my
 protag, Jimmie Rae Murphy!) This one is gorgeous!

I couldn't wait to see what all the wonderful buzz was about and to see my dear friends the masterminds of the BARN SALE, Suzanne and Tracy

Left to right-Rusted Gingham's,Tracy, Sweet Girl, Moi, and
Rusted Gingham's Suzanne at the Blog Party a few years ago
I met these sisters-in-law and awesome vintage sale organizers at Sweet T's Blog Party a few years ago at Round Top Antiques Week. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Suzanne and Tracy are women with kind hearts the size of Texas!
At Petticoats on the Prairie in Waxahachie this
past spring. Janie, Tracy, Tracy's auntie, and myself.
Fortunately we've been able to catch up with each other many times down the blacktop.

Amy of Amy  Boland Photography, Suzanne of Rusted Gingham, Kristi of
Checkered Past and moi catching up in San Antonio.
This was the fifth year of the Rusted Gingham Barn Sale, and the first time Suzanne and Tracy have filled the big old show barn FULL of incredible vendors with stacks of great JUNK, vintage treasures, handmade wonderfulness, and tasty treats. There were more than 70 vendors which means lots of GREAT finds!
Lisa of Lisa's Adornments with her beautiful 
 hand-crafted  keepsakes, journals, totes and  smile!

Pretty clutches by Lisa of Lisa's Adornments.
Fun finds!
Some of the treasures from sisters,
 Elaine and Betsy of Sister's Treasures.

Lovely sisters, Elaine and Betsy of Sister's Treasures.
More fun stuff!

Here's a few of the fantastic things I found at the BARN SALE. (I can't show y'all everything because I bought lots of Christmas gifts too!) ;)

Love this cool turquoise Victorian door from Lucky 1300. 

I bought this fantastic primitive cupboard from Suzanne's
booth at the BARN SALE!  It's perfect for my
Victorian  Cowgirl inspired bedroom! 

Until next time, dear friends, take the road less traveled, be thankful, and fill your life with 


  1. I wish I could of gone. I tried but just couldn't make it. I see you saw all my pal's but was wondering if you met my friends Mickie and Brandy? With 70 vendors, wow, I'm sure you had lots to choose from.

  2. Sweet Lisa, So glad you came, you saw, you shopped, and you snapped- Pictures!!! It was great to see you- and We will Look forward to more time together now that you are home in Texas!!! Thanks for being part of our 5th Annual Barn Sale!!!
    Love, Suzanne

  3. Lisa, It was great seeing you and thanks for the photos that you took and posted. After seeing Garden Cat at Petticoats I was hoping you would be a vendor so I could shop more with you. There will always be "NEXT TIME." Sisters Treasures has packed and unpacked the trailer, so we will be ready for Fredricksburg Trade Days Nov 16.