Thursday, February 7, 2013


"The world is but a canvas to the imagination." Henry David Thoreau

 Hey, Y'all! Where do you create? Do you have a special place in your home that's just your space to plan, dream, and play? I've had several over the years--from reclaimed closets to dining room niches to a dedicated office/studio space--the where is never as important as just having SOMEWHERE to keep all my treasures corralled. 

Since I dabble in so many different mediums, shelves, jars, and boxes are mandatory. 

Packing up my creative treasures was one of the most difficult parts of our recent move. 

(You just never know when you may really 

However, unpacking my stuff has been like weeks of Christmas--not knowing which box holds what treasure. Each time I open one it makes me smile and say, "Oh, yeah! I missed that!" Then came the slight issue with WHERE to put all my little things?

My biggest challenge was needing lots and lots of shelves. Fortunately, being the JUNKER, I am, I found this shelf for under $30 (!) at an estate sale just after we moved to our new house. 

A coat of white paint transformed it to a lovely spot for lots of tiny bits, fun pieces, tons of magazines, gotta-have books, and sparkly stuff. 

One of my other favorite organizers is this awesome vintage pink rose (1940s?) shoe organizer. It now holds all kinds of letters and pictures next to my desk. 

Above my desk are a few of my favorite sayings and the fabulous Dreaming of Junking Calendar from Vintage Rescue Squad. 

Another of my favorite organizers is this beautiful little drawer box covered in the sweetest vintage floral wallpaper. I found it at Girls Gone Junkin's booth at First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX. I should mention that's an important component of all my collected treasures--connections to other like-minded folks and passionate gypsies!

I'm the first to admit my creative space is not a tidy, minimalist place. It probably won't ever be featured in a magazine. 

However, it is a place where I enjoy making new Good Ju-Ju jewelry pieces, 

crafting Junkin' Journals,

 or working on my Flea Market Mystery series. 

Layers of sparkly, rusty, floral, and pretty are my creative playground motivating me to try new projects, keep the muses smiling, and fill my heart with JOY

Until next time,
Peace, love, and all 
the Good Stuff to y'all!


  1. So enjoyed seeing your creative space. I recently straightened my space so I would have an area to be creative.
    Thanks for sharing, Elaine Sisters' Treasures

    1. Hey, Elaine--Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'd love to see your creative space...we all need a "room of her own," don't we? Peace, love, and happy creating! xxoos

  2. Creativity needs to be fueled by inspiration and glory be, but you got a tanker full of that! Fill 'er up!!!

    1. Well, thank you, Deb! My best inspiration comes from incredible people like your own sweet self!! You, my dear, are the QUEEN of Inspiration!! Can't wait to see what you're cookin' up for Marburger. Peace, love, and keep on letting your imagaination soar! xxoos

  3. Christina Kuntz just told me about First Monday Murder...I'm sure it's on here somewhere to to "look" some more! Cheers!

    1. Hey, Tina--Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog and for looking for FMM!! :D I saw you are originally from TX. Although it is not a prerequisite for FMM, it sure helps! Hope you enjoy the adventure down the blacktop with Jimmie Rae. I also hope I get to meet ya one of these days...any friend of Chris' has got to be cool and wonderful too. Peace, love, and all the best stuff to ya<3<3<3

  4. Just downloaded your book and printed it as a booklet...can't wait to dive into the pages on my own road trip next week! Yay!

    1. Oh, I really hope you enjoy the ride! Thanks so much for downloading it. Peace, love, and happy reading! xxoos

  5. Great space Lisa!! I so remember the sweet little rose covered drawers you snagged in our GGJ booth last summer!! Glad to know you're getting settled in to your new home and new CReaTiVe SPaCe nicely....a girls GOTTA have a space for her STuFF!! :)

    Come see us soon girlie!

    1. Hey, Jenny--Thanks for your kind words. Yes!! I snagged that little rose drawer box. It is such a wonderful sweet piece and one of my favorite things. It's so true...a girl really DOES GOTTA have space for her STUFF and of course, her glitter!! ;) xxoos Peace, love, and happy junkin' to ya<3<3<3

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    1. Hey, Arlene--This part made it, but I don't know if ya had more. Anyway, THANKS for stopping by!!! I always love hearing from ya! xxoos Peace, love, and happy GLITTERING!! ;)