Monday, April 8, 2013


Hey, Y'all! Hope Spring has found you in your neck of the woods/prairie. Spring has definitely made its way in all its glory to the Brazos Valley and south central Texas prairie--it has been resplendent with a bounty of Bluebonnets just in time for Texas Antiques Week. This go-around I was only able to do a little junkin' due to family scheduling and threatening spring thunderstorms. Never-the-

less a junker has to do what a junker has to do--wear your rain boots and junk FAST! Here's a glimpse of what I saw in the lovely cow pastures at the Warrenton and Zapp Hall Antique Shows. 

Love this little vintage trailer!

Junkin' to your heart's desire!

Got skates?  I'm thinkin' Roller Derby fun for all. 

This great old truck body reminded me of "Old Blue,"
 Jimmie Rae's trusty vintage truck. It was for sale
as an architectural  piece! Pretty cool. 

This is a fun combo of cool sign with concrete statuary
and olive trees.  They had  wonderful garden stuff.

Here's the inside of their booth--fab french garden items!

The one and only incredible Jill Suzanne!! A wonderful creative soul and person. 

The entrance to Jill Suzanne's whimsical venue.

The Girls at Junk Gypsy had their usual
AWESOME vibe goin' on. Love this star-spangled vignette!

A Junk Gypsified rockin' picnic vignette.

The Junk Gypsies always have a FABULOUS photo booth.  Smile!
Wouldn't ya love to do a little JUNK dreamin' here?
 Find the goods at Junk

And don't forget the Junk Gypsies' "Large Marge!" 

Sharin' some LOVE from the cow pastures of Warrenton Antiques Week!

Isn't this a lovely table scape using lots of cool vintage items? Love the colors!

The Girls at Rodeo Royalty Roadshow had a fantastic
Americana, gypsy-soul, funky booth--including this amazing gypsy wagon!

 This is their granny's crocheted doily inspired sofa--very cool! 

As the clouds got darker and the wind picked up, I took the cue and headed back to my SUV with my fresh treasures, giant ice tea from Royer's, and happy Junkin' vibes in my heart. 

I know the magic will happen in the cow fields again in a few short months.

 Until next time, sweet friends...
Peace, love, and all 
the good stuff to y'all!


  1. Great pictures! What great finds did you go home with?

    1. Hey, sweet Holli--Thanks for your kind words. I ended up with some JG goodies and some adorable vintage barkcloth sewing bags and a vintage 1940s rose sewing box. Thanks for stopping by--I always enjoy your comments! Peace, love, and all the best stuff to ya<3<3<3

  2. Great review, Lisa. Who's booth is the one French Garden items? I don't think I saw that booth but it's awesome.
    Take care.

    1. Hey,y'all--Thanks for stopping by. I should have gotten their card--sorry I don't know. They were over by where y'all set up last spring...hope that helps! Great to see you both at Round Top--always a pleasure. :) Peace, love, and all the best stuff to you both.