Monday, May 13, 2013


Hey, Y'all! Are ya ready for some Junk Salvation
Just what is Junk Salvation, you may ask? 

Well, it's an incredible vintage market hosted by sisters, Dixie and Linda, a.k.a. Funky Junk Sisters. Their brand of Junk Salvation Vintage Markets was recently named one of the

top 25 Flea Markets according to Romantic Homes magazine. In fact, it's also been rated one of the best vintage markets by both Flea Market Decor and Flea Market Style.

So now y'all know the's the low-down.  This Friday and Saturday, May 17 & 18, the Funky Junk Sisters will be hosting their 15th vintage market in Manor, TX at the J. Lorraine Ghost Town. This awesome venue is only about 12 miles east of Austin, TX

Early shoppin' for junkin' happiness begins at 6 p.m. Friday night until 9 p.m. Shoppin' fun continues Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be LOADS of fantastic vintage, repurposed, and antique stuff, yummy food and drinks, and a live band...what's not to love about that deal? 

I first experienced Junk Salvation Vintage Market three years ago in Puyallup, WA (for my Texas friends...PULL-Y'ALL-UP.) I went to the spring Junk Salvation Vintage Market with some junker buddies and experienced pure JuNkin' BLISS!! I'd never been to one place with so much rust, patina, beautaciousness. I was totally HOOKED!

So, I signed up for the fall show. It was my first time to take Garden Cat Vintage to a vintage market venue. 

It was a blast! That wonderful experience as a vendor led me to do four more Funky Junk Sisters 

Junk Salvation Vintage Markets from Puyallup, WA to Portland, OR over the next few years. 

It's a wish come true...I've met so many wonderful, creative people and had so much fun! I have met many life-long junker friends

When I moved back to TX last summer, I didn't think I'd get to experience any JUNK SALVATION Vintage Markets least as a vendor. So imagine my complete excitement when Dixie and Linda announced they were coming to Manor, TX again this year!! This will be my sixth JUNK SALVATION Vintage Market! 

Garden Cat Vintage will be set up here at the "Doctor's Office." 

I'll be bringing a whole lotta star-spangled-rusty-wicker-GARDEN wonderfulness!!


Life is Good!!
So don't be shy...come on out and experience Dixie and Linda's Funky Junk Sisters Junk Salvation for your very own selves this weekend!!
Come get your own Junk Salvation!

Until next time,
Peace, love, and all the good stuff to y'all!


  1. Lisa, how much is the wooden bench in the 3rd pic. You can email at if you want to with the price. Girl I hope you sell out!!

    1. Howdy, Sweet T--Thanks for stoppin' by! Sending ya the price on the wooden bench--THANKS for the well wishes! Hope to catch up with ya down the blacktop soon, girl. xxoos