Monday, July 10, 2017


Hey sweet friends!

After 20 years filled with busy family life we recently found ourselves with an empty nest and a lot of life choices to make. What was important now that the kids had grown up and moved out? What was next?
I've always had writing, my antiques/vintage business, Garden Cat Vintage, and a schedule jammed full of appointments and responsibilities, but a quieter household opened the door to possibilities we hadn't been able to consider before. In early 2016 we began looking at places in Fayette, Austin, Lee, and Washington counties. This part of Texas has always been one of our favorites.

We looked at fixer-uppers, barndominiums with "potential," and luxurious new homes (with hefty price tags!) Nothing seemed to fit where we were at in our lives or matched our preconceived notions about where we should live next. After six months of looking in a hundred mile radius, my husband suggested we should give it a rest. I agreed, but of course, I couldn't help checking the web to see is something interesting had popped up.

Indeed something interesting did "pop" up and I made an appointment to look at it. My husband was headed out on a business trip at the time. I literally dropped him off at the airport and he reminded me to not sign anything or make an offer until he could look at it. He thought he was joking. By the time he arrived at his destination, I had toured our new house-to-be, fallen madly in love and knew without a doubt it was meant for us.
It is a place in transition, just like we are. It is good place for us.

This was our thirteenth move and eighth house to purchase. We call our new place LoveBee Farm...also known as home.

Until next time,

Peace, love and all the good stuff

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