Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Like many Junkers, I enjoy the thrill of the treasure hunt . . . never knowing what I'll find next. Wednesday through Friday I pour over newspapers, Craigslist, and on-line estate sale sites to try and figure out the best JUNK HUNT route. Once I figure out a direction and begin the drive, I keep my eyes peeled for other signs of a great rummage or garage sale or other interesting places that look like they may have good junkin' potential.

Well, this past Friday, my route took me to the beautiful towns of Fall City, Carnation, and Monroe. It was one of those PERFECT days for drivin'. Jeweled leaves filled this scenic Washington valley full of lush orchards, fields of still bright summer flowers, and picturesque small towns. It was difficult to stay focused on my mission . . . but worth it a few hours later: Junkin' JACKPOT!!

Lots of fun stuff, including a large size wheely cart (great for tough terrain flea marketin',) a vintage metal vanity chair, and plenty of smalls including this funky rose paint-by-number.

At the M&M Antique Mall in Monroe(voted a readers' top 80 favorite antique mall in the current FALL/WINTER Flea Market Style magazine!) I found these kickin' Justin cowboy boots in just my size and they cost hardly anything!

Down the road I found this old 78 which makes me long for the big, open prairie . . .

I found a lovely English chintz plate (with a little chip) and some other beautiful English pieces

Then there were the vintage earrings . .  .these will become some kind of GARDEN CAT Good Ju-Ju Jewelry I'm sure.

Then there were the bits and pieces I just seem to gravitate to. . .the aged pages of a 1919 German almanac, the soft touch of a worn velvet jewelry box, and one of my worst (BEST) addictions -- faded vintage linen.

In addition, a sweet pair of vintage baby shoes, two vintage wicker floral baskets, a vintage round mirror, a pink floral needlepoint bench, and a really creative vanity/shelf and cabinet made out of old wooden crates got squeezed into my good ole SUV, Mattie Mae, and made the trek home with me.

Look for these treasures and oh, so many more when the GARDEN CAT joins many other fabulous vendors at FUNKY JUNK SISTERS JUNK SALVATION MARKET in Puyallup NOVEMBER 4 & 5 and also at the PLUCKY MAIDENS JUNK FEST NOVEMBER 19 in Forest Grove, OR. Stay tuned right here at PLAATGS for more info to come on these and many more incredible vintage fall shows and markets!!

So much JUNKIN', so little time!!

Peace, love, and hope YOU find the most wonderful treasures, my friends!

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