Monday, October 17, 2011


Hey, Y'all! Ever wonder what to do with that wonderful old silver-ware you find out on the junkin' trail? Me too.
I love the patina of silver-plated utensils and was down-right thrilled to find a generous supply recently at a local thrift store. I've had a lot of fun trying out my version of some ideas I've seen in so many creative blogs, shows, and magazines.

What I've learned is you have to be very strong or know a very strong person who's willing to work for chocolate chip cookies and/or beer. Next, you gotta get manly tools like pliers, hammers, and metal files and know how to use them correctly.

Then, you've got to don some funky eye protection and fire up some man-caveish, gen-u-ine power tools. Then, you gotta have a good place to swing a really BIG hammer and let off some steam without scaring your: 1)children; 2)pets; 3)neighbors; or basically, 4) neighbors, children, and/or pets. Once you've pounded, sanded, and drilled, the girly part of the project kicks in. It's time to dig through all those drawers, vats, and jars of shiny, glittering, sparkly BLING! Following the magic BLING moment, put it all together . . . Ta-Da!

Now, you've got some old silver-plated spoons transformed from their frumpy sad existences in a box on the floor of a thrift store to WOW-WOW, JUNKIFIED, BEJEWELED necklaces fit for any junkin' adventure, or dinner at the drive-in, or maybe even the infamous JUNK GYPSY Junk-a-Rama Prom.

And yes, being the type of rambling, junkin' girl I am, even my necklaces lean toward the wordy side. It seems, I've always got something to say. . . .
You can find your own bona fide Garden Cat Lovin' Spoonful Necklaces at FJS JUNK SALVATION NOV. 4 & 5 or Plucky Maidens Junk Fest NOV. 19.
Peace, love, and generous spoons full of all the good stuff to you dear friends!


  1. You had me at "bling"... LOLOLOL

    Those are GREAT!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  2. LOL!! LOve me some shiny, sparklys ... BLING is so very magical!! THANKS for stopping by girl-friend! Always love having you along for the ride. Peace, love, and happy junkin' sweet friend! :D xxoos