Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It all started here with this writing project of mine. This chick who lives in my head and was begging for a story--for an adventure--a junkin' adventure, road-trippin' moment of her own. I acquiesced to her demands and began writing her story introducing her friends, her enemies, and her world. First Monday Murder A Jimmie Rae Flea Market Mystery is the result. So with a box of FMM books I took to the blacktops criss-crossing my sweet, bluebonnet bloomin' Texas to sign books, meet new friends, visit with old friends, and as always look for funky JUNK. First Monday Murder A Jimmie Rae Flea Market Mystery made its debut in TEXAS, and I laughed more and slept less than I have in a LONNGGG time.
Sharing laughs at the First Monday Murder
 book signing at Diggin' It in McKinney, TX. Thanks to
Tracey Jane and all my friends who came. It was
 awesome to see y'all and sign SOOO many books!
Here's a glimpse of five weeks on the road in TEXAS...from my old hometown of McKinney to Waxahachie to Warrenton/Round Top and lots of places in between...

A lovely vignette at Antique Company Mall--
my old mall!--in McKinney, TX.

Another wall of wonderfulness at
Antique Company Mall, McKinney, TX.

And another...Antique Company Mall, McKinney, TX

Plant Markers for sale (along with many other
 fantastic, FUNKY finds!)at Diggin' It in McKinney, TX
New friend and sweet lady who
owns Lavender Ridge Farms in Gainsville, TX

Jean and Emily who co-own Enchanted Interiors
at Frisco Mercantile in Frisco and also have
a space at First Monday Trade Days in Canton.
And meadows full of beautiful bluebonnets!!

A vignette from Garden Antqs Vintage at Zapp Hall in Warrenton.
More from Garden Antqs Vintage...

A HUGE THANK YOU to  Theresa Cano for
 inviting me to sign FMM at her AWESOME Blog Party.
 (Thanks to Pam for the pic!)

Jill of Jill Suzanne, me, Lynn, and Janie of
Petticoats on the Prairie Vintage Mareket
at Jill's incredible booth at Warrenton.
Elaine, who with her sister, Betsy, has Sisters Treasures
at Warrenton and Fredericksburg's Trade Days.

Beautiful Theresas--
Lots of fun at Zapp Hall in Warrenton, TX--just add Junkers!

My loot--what would fit in my suitcase, anyway!
I couldn't leave without a few quick trips to AUSTIN!
Barton Springs at Zilker Park

Scene along South Congress...
On the way to Uncommon Objects

Time for something cold and delicious--Mexican Chocolate and Key Lime Pie Ice Cream at Amy's Ice Cream

More driving and taking in the beautiful prairie

At Red Neck Chic 's cool booth at Zapp Hall with Robelyn and Karley of Gypsy Treasures.

PROM NIGHT-- Junker's style! The Junk Gypsies always host a ROCKIN' Party at the Junk-o-Rama Prom at Zapp Hall toward the end of Antiques Week. What a blast!

Fortunately my adventure in TEXAS has only just begun...stay tuned, sweet friends!

Peace, love, and
all the good stuff to y'all!


  1. You captured your Texas trip just perfectly. Went to fab places, McKinney and Uncommon Obj., Warrenton, and so glad to have featured you at the blog party. Lots of fun pics. I know you'll be back and probably sooner than you think!

  2. Thank you, Theresa!! Thanks again for inviting me to be featured and sign FMM! It was such an honor as you're one of my favorite people and I love your lovely eye candy displays. LOL! Yep, I'm headed back to TX with a moving truck in late May and even working in a signing with the fabulous Girls Gone Junkin' at June's First Monday! Hope to see ya again down the blacktop very soon, sweet friend!xxoo