Thursday, April 26, 2012


Once upon a junkin' time, I was setting up Garden Cat at Funky Junk Sisters Junk Salvation in Hillsboro, OR. I was worried about getting everything to look beautiful and buyable when I noticed the very cool, lovely red head in the booth next to me. She would be(and probably was) the smart girl at the front of the class...notebook out and pencil ready for notes. She had it under control--her stuff was already unpacked and looking completely buyable!

She had a lot of interesting, eclectic vintage items...things I could paw through for a very long time. And best of all, she had (HAS) this magical smile that just says, "don't take it all so seriously! Have some fun!" And with her magical smile aimed at me, I smiled back. I relaxed and let the junkin' ju-ju work its way through my booth. It turned out to be a "game changer" of a show!

This story has a great happy ending/new see, this cool, lovely red head is hosting her own FABULOUS vintage market this weekend...only her third, yet already recognized as one of the best flea markets in the nation in FLEA MARKET STYLE

and  FLEA MARKET DECOR magazines.

You see this wonderful red head and great friend is Pam of One Gal's Trash and Plucky Maidens Junk Fest!!
Junkin' Sistas--Kristi of Checkered Past, Sue of Vintage Rescue Squad,
and Pam of One Gal's Trash and Plucky Maidens.

Havin' a little fun at Warrenton!
She is hosting the Plucky Maidens Junk Fest Spring EXTRAVAGANZA this Friday, April 27 from 5 -8 p.m. and Saturday, April 28 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Columbia Conference Center in Portland, OR.
And, oh yeah, I'll be there too...a lot more relaxed with my Garden Cat vintage treasures for special spring events like Mother's Day, graduation, a wedding, or a tea party!
I'll even have a few copies of First Monday Murder A Jimmie Rae Flea Market Mystery

on hand if you'd like a signed copy.

These other FABULOUS vendors will be there too:
Timeless Cool Junk
Vintage Market
Blue Ewe
Aunt Adeleine's
2nd Childhood
Vintage A-Go-Go
Adrienne & Rose
Molly Heltsley Designs
Into Vintage
Penumbra Design Studio
Rachelle Ramirez
Jennii ReUnique
Rose Cottage
Hoity Toity Designs
Purple Pear
Magpie Ethel & Joie de Weave
Rusty Trellis
Mack & Momma
Pitula the Jeweler
Red Star Art
Flotsam & Jetsam
Stacey Darden
Beth Kloss
Purse Strings
Andy's Attic & Faded Rosie
Bird Song
My Shabby Passion
Jeanna Steacy
Harris Farms
Monster Vintage
Joanne Crawford
Brush with the Past
Dorothy's Domain
Rutabaga Redesign
Terry Powers Recycled Art
Fun Junk
Camp Hollyhock
GJ Design
Pure & Applied
Frody O Dough Art, Inc.
I Spy Antiques
Chris Banauch
Molly Mo's & Roost REimagined
Vintage Trifles
The Butler Did It
Peonies & Possibilities
Ogles & Friends
Dolce Mia
Metro Retro
Lazy Jo Ranch
Karen Culp
L +W Estates Sales
Pierced Zebra
Donna Rentel
Little Apron Pocket
Rustic & Refined
Eileen Coffey
Finds Old & New
Carla Starzec A.D.
Janet's Creations
Penelope's Hope Chest
Blissful Vintage
Just Chic
Peace, love, and feelin' quite PLUCKY and LUCKY to have met that lovely red haired lady named Pam!


  1. I am so green with envy right now... I want to come hang out with you AND Pam and drool all over the fun stuff!!!

    Have a WONDERFUL show - and you and Pam hug each other an extra time and tell each other it's from me!!!


  2. Oh, girl--how I do wish we had a junkin' magic carpet ride!! Thanks--and I'll be sure to give her a hug from you!! You hug your sweet self from me! Hope to see ya time I'm back to TX!
    Peace, love, and junkin' sistas forever! :)
    xxoos <3<3<3

  3. Wow...I'm blushing! Thank you for this wonderful post. I feel so lucky that we me,t too. You are a love bug!

  4. Loved meeting you at Plucky today and can't wait to start my new read!

  5. It was great to meet you and your sweet daughter at Plucky and be next door! I can't wait to read THE BOOK as I love a good mystery. Hope your trip home was safe...hope to see you again soon!
    Annette :>)

    1. Hey, Annette--It was wonderful to meet you, and be yours and Mary Jo's neighbor at PMJF! Thanks for giving First Monday Murder a try--Hope you enjoy Jimmie Rae's adventure down the blacktop. Hope to catch up with you again very soon. Peace, love, and happy junkin' to ya! (LOve the cowgirl lavender pillow, btw!) :D xxoos

  6. Hey, Pam--You're so welcome, my friend! It is sincerely written from the heart. Thank you for your kindness and generous spirit--and naming your great vintage market PLUCKY MAIDENS!! :D I so love being a Plucky Maiden! And I'm so blessed to know you. xxoos

  7. Hi, Kathy! The pleasure was all mine! So very nice to meet you too. Thanks for giving First Monday Murder a try. Hope you enjoy the adventure down the blacktop with Jimmie Rae. Peace, love, and happy junkin' to ya! xxoos

  8. It was such a thrill to meet you at Plucky Maidens (despite the fact I was lumbering around the show like the Hunchback of Notre Dame thanks to my broken foot) and I am with you all the way -- Pam is awesome and one of the hardest working women in junk. Love her! Hope to make it to TX next year in March for some hardcore junking of my own!! xo -amy