Thursday, June 7, 2012


Our 26' U-HAUL truck with tow trailer...aka THE BEAST!
Hey, Y'all!! Happy June! I'm back from my recent road-trippin' to TEXAS! This was my ride for six days. Nice, huh? Now I can add "truck driving" to my list of fun adventures. It was a little intimidating at first, but soon I got used to driving it and making sure we stayed in our lane. It was a little hard to stop at every flea market, garage sale, and great looking shop I passed for 2,000 miles, but the views beyond the truck windows were stupendous...
Approaching Snoqualmie Pass in WA--yes, that's snow
at the end of May. It's up about 3,500 ft. and a
favorite destination of skiers and snow boarders
in Seattle and surrounding areas.

The lake near Snoqualmie Pass.

Another fun pass near Pendleton, OR--goes almost
straight up! Incredible views, though.

Finally leaving the rain behind...

Moab, UT-- I never cease to be amazed by this rock formations here.

Just south of Moab, UT

Thanks to my co-pilot and favorite son for
taking a pic of me driving the BEAST! This was early
on when I was more than a little tense.

After six days, one grass fire, lots of incredible country, and 2,000 miles later---TEXAS!

Maybe I'm the only one, but isn't this a great mosaic wall?
It's in the ladies' room at a rest stop outside Abilene, TX
on a rest stop with an artful touch.

After we unpacked and unleashed THE BEAST in south TX, on to the FUN part of the trip...FIRST MONDAY TRADE DAYS at CANTON, TX!!
This was an extra exciting journey to First Monday Trade Days since I'd been invited by Girls Gone Junkin' to sign copies of my novel, First Monday Murder A Jimmie Rae Flea Market Mystery. What a huge thrill

to be here...with my sweet friends Cathy, Sue, Pam, Brenda, and Jenny at...Girls Gone Junkin' !!
GGJ's booth at First Monday Trade Days in Canton.
These sweet ladies have created a most magical space...

Left to right...Brenda, Pam, Jenny, and Cathy--
Sue was at a friend's wedding.

Such fabulous stuff at every turn...

This wonderful floral box went home with me.

Beautiful vignettes...

Don't ya love this sign?
Me signing First Monday Murder A Jimmie
Rae Flea Market Mystery at GGJ.
 Love GIRLS GONE JUNKIN' and their great JUNK!

And then, a crazi thing happened on the way to First Monday Trade, I didn't find a stash of stolen Victorian love letters like Jimmie Rae...something even better...a lost puppy! Someone had apparently dumped her along a busy highway on my way to First Monday Trade I rescued her. Her name is Gracie and now she's a new member of our family. She's probably one of my BEST finds in a long time!

Until later...


  1. So sorry I missed seeing you in Canton. We are usually in early and leave early before the sun gets us. I did buy a lot from the last pic of white things before the GGJ pic. Hope to see you soon somewhere in Texas.

  2. HeY, Theresa--didn't she have some fun stuff??? I bought a few things from her too...I was kinda wishing I still had the giant UHaul instead of the Mustang..LOL! I'm pretty sure our paths will soon cross again, sweet friend! Take care and happy junkin'to ya! xxoos

  3. Just finished your book I bought at Plucky in Portland and LOVED it! Looks like a fun trip, I hope you got lots of goodies.

    1. Hi,Kathy--Thanks for stopping by to comment--I'm so glad you enjoyed FMM. I'm always so happy to see your beautiful, smiling face! Peace, love, and happy junkin' to ya!

  4. Enjoyed your book very much. Bought mine at Plucky in Portland, too. I have always dreamed of a road trip with a Uhaul to fill becasue I stop at every thrift store in every little city. Such a fun thing you did and a cute little pup to bring home too.

    1. Hey, sweet lady--
      Thanks!! I'm glad you enjoyed FMM. I wished I could have stopped at even one sale, thrift store, or market, but we were on a mission with only a limited number of days to our destination...puts a real damper on shopping!! I'll be making this trip again in a few weeks though--with a little more time (albeit less room) for shopping. ;) I'm looking forward to seeing our new puppy again--she's with my folks in TX until we get back there. Peace, love, and happy junkin', Annette!

  5. I'm going to think differently now every time I see a UHaul truck that size...I'm going to remember YOU driving across the country trying to put more in it at every flea market you pass@ HA! Such fun! Great to see you Lisa!

    1. Hey, Tracy! It was wonderful to see your sweet face at FMTD!! Just when I needed a friendly "understanding" friend to be there too. ;)
      I wished i could have stopped and shopped--our son kept me on the road and was determined to get us to TX in a tmely fashion...maybe he's a little too much like his dad! :D xxoos

  6. Oh wow....I can't imagine leaving snow capped mountains and ending up in the 98 degree heat we had last weekend!!! It was SO good to see you and have you at GGJ for a couple days though!! And I'm afraid if i were to rent a uhaul and drive cross country, i would just have to live wherever i ended up when the truck was full! (or stop and sell all the stuff I'd originally packed!) hahaha!!


    1. Hey, Jenny--Yes, learning to adjust to diverse climates is not too easy--especially in the summer! :) But it was so worth every mile to be able to be at FMTD with y'all. THANKS again to you and Cathy and all the other fabulous ladies at GGJ for inviting me and welcoming me so warmly to your home away from home. :) I like the way you think...maybe I'll have to try that one of these days...the true gypsy life! (I did threaten to open up the back of the truck and set up Garden Cat much to my son's horror...) Peace, love, and happy junkin' to ya! xxoos

  7. Congratulations on the move and the book-signing and the new sweet pup! All very exciting. Hope you get a little break now...

    1. Hey, CK! So happy to see ya stopped by my little blog to comment. I promise my life is not usually so wacka-doodle! I guess it's interesting just to see what happens next! Thanks for your kind words...still waiting for the BIG move, but all in good time. Peace, love, and happy writing to you! See ya on Mysteristas!

  8. wow- i am just green with envy! I would love to travel and visit all the flea markets. I actually travel every week but i dont stay over weekends and i would haveto bother getting it home somehow. DOnt you love Canton? i grew up near there so i take it for granted alot. Congrats on the new precious puppy!!

    1. Hey, Holli--Thanks for stopping by to comment. I have to admit there are more flea markets than days in the week or money in the bank--but I manage to get quite a few in. I'm just drawn to JUNK! :D there are worse things I guess! Getting it home has been a challenge...I've been known to load a Mustang convertible and ride with the top down and the back loaded!! Hubby wasn't too crazy about that though...Yep, love Canton--you may want to check out First Monday Murder--not all of it takes place in Canton, but the begining does. It is the first of my flea marekt mystery series. Thanks for the congrats on Gracie--she's a keeper! :D