Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hey, Y'all! 
Even though it's still 100 plus degrees here in Texas, Autumn is technically 24 days away. It's almost pumpkin time!! Maybe Mother Nature will take the hint if we all begin thinkin' about the football watchin', hot cocoa sippin', soup makin', leaf-kickin', gingerbread smellin', sweater wearin', nature inspirin' . . . cooler days of AUTUMN!! 
A few years ago I was inspired by some wonderful antique silk crazy quilt pieces I found at a flea market.
I loved the rich colors and worn look of them. So what to do with these incredible pieces of textile history?
Make pumpkins, of course!

I'm not really much of a seamstress, but with a little thread and stuffing I was able to take each square and make a running stitch around, folding in the corners, and come up with a kind of pocket. I then filled the "pocket" with about a cup of dry pinto beans (to give it a little weight and more shape) and a lot of quilt batting. I pulled it all together to meet at the center then stitched it together. For the stem, I used a wine bottle cork cut in half and hot-glued to the top.
I'm still thrilled with the way they turned out -- silk-crazy quilt-perfect imperfection and full of wonderful fall color.
So if it's still sizzlin' HOT where you're at, here's a reminder of how beautiful FALL can be
Until next time, 
Peace, love, and all 
the good stuff, y'all!


  1. Wonderful pumpkins. Fall here means rain is on the way so I will continue to hope for an indian summer.

    1. Thanks, Annette! Here's the part I hate to confess--I unpacked these beauties six months ago and now I can't figure out where I put them! The search continues. LOL. I may have to make some more...Hope Indian summer lasts for many weeks to come. We're just hoping the heat breaks soon and fall rains begin. Crazy, huh? Thanks as always for stoppin' by! It's always wonderful to "see" ya here. Peace, love, and hope the sun is shinin' there. xxoos

  2. These are gorgeous! I can't sew a stich, so I am very impressed!

    1. Howdy, Cat! Thanks for stoppin' by and thank you for your kind words. I'm really handy with scraps and a glue gun! LOL. Peace, love, and all the good stuff to ya! xxoos

  3. Well, this year I'm DETERMINED to get around to Creating the Vintage Velvet Pumpkins I always talk about getting around to Creating every year... Lord knows I have Hoarded enough Pumpkin Stems and Vintage Velvet for the Project! *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian