Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hey, Y'all! As summer slips away, I had an intense need to stick my toes in the sand, eat chocolate pie, and read like there was no schedule last week. For our family it takes a minor miracle to be available at the same time, and as our kids get older, I realize that will only get more challenging.

Our son and daughter-- acting silly is a huge part of beach attitude.
We packed a few things and headed for our nearest beach--Galveston. I have a lifetime of memories

on this skinny little island off the Texas coast. My mother's family is from southeast Texas 

and it was to Galveston we went for almost every holiday. Sadly, many of the old fish camp cottages were gobbled up in Hurricane Ike back in 2008. However, there is a lot of newness to the old island since "Ike" and our favorite shrimp "shack" is still there making the best "shrimp and stuff" around.

We arrived in the late afternoon and heeded the call of the sea beckoning us to dig our toes in the sand, breath salt air, and fall into the rhythm of the waves--at least for a few days.

While I didn't do any "junkin'" I did make a few necklaces while my kids and hubby "boogie-boarded" for hours talking about life, school, and other secret things only the waves heard. We ate meals together, played together, and had lengthy conversations. Simple family activities we used to take for granted are now sweet, precious moments. On our last day, I woke up even earlier than usual and took our Charlie Dog for a walk on the beach. We were greeted by the most pinkalicious sunrise! I was inspired to pen a poem.

Nature's Pace

Early morning
at Galveston beach
waves crash
cicadas in full orchestral drawl
thousands of dragonflies 
greet us on the 
dune crossover
birds celebrating fiesta
life slows to the pulse of nature
without calender, clock, or alarm.
Falling into 
it's rhythm
instead of coercing it
to ours.
Heart rate slows--
breath deep and relaxed--
time to contemplate,
nature's pace.

I'm thankful for some time to "pull aside" and enjoy the moment. 

School begins on Monday here and the fall schedule is already full of so many new adventures and fabulous junkin' events. See y'all down the road!
Until next time,
Peace, love, and 
all the good stuff to y'all!


  1. I'm so excited to be heading back to Galveston after the wedding (next weekend) for our getaway. Which shrimp shack are you referring to so i can make sure we try it.
    Beautiful poem and wonderful pictures. Family outings are precious. Enjoy and have a great day.

    1. Oh, sweet Holli! Goodness are your nuptials that near?? Congrats!! :) We enjoy Shrimp N Stuff--there's a new food truck at the car wash in Jamaica Beach on the main drag or the main restaurant is located at 3901 Ave. O. My fav Chocolate Pie ever (and other fabulous yummy food) is at Sunflower Bakery located at 512 14th St. near the UT hospital and across the street from the Original Mexican Cafe. I hope y'all have the most romantic, wonderful time at the beach...xxoos

  2. Diggin' that blue's currently hanging around my neck!!! Little jealous of the beach trip since I am in desperate need of some sand and surf and shrimp and stuff!!

    1. Hey, girl--so happy you dig the blue necklace! Maybe we need to plan a girl's trip soon? I could always take another vacation! :) xxoos

  3. Sounds like the perfect "end of summer" vacation!! Your necklaces are lovely and I am jealous of your trip to the the Pacific ocean but the gulf is my favorite!

    1. Howdy, Annette! It was a wonderful respite. Thank you for your kind words. The Pacific has it's own quiet beauty--especially in the NW, but the Gulf has a topical vibe going on. I really missed it and am happy to be back in it's warm, humid embrace. :) Hope you have a great holiday weekend. Peace, love, and all the best stuff to you. xxoos