Monday, December 2, 2013


Hey, Y'all! I've been in the JuNkiN' business for many years now and my VeRy best finds aren't rusty, lacy, tarnished or worn. Instead, they are honest, true, creative, inspiring, and so quick to share their creations, treasures, homes, and yes, even hearts with others. 

They understand why we JuNkErs do what we do when the rest of the world insists we should trash the old stuff and buy new. JuNkIn' FRIENDS understand the need to salvage old things, creating beauty from very little--to give new life to pieces discarded and long forgotten by others. 

Recently, I was reminded of this at Ann Perry's annual Tin Rabbit Antiques Open House. Tucked away in far East Texas is Ann's lovely shop and home--a true 

reflection of the lovely lady herself. Every nook and corner is given quiet, beautiful attention. From the lace hanging in the cupboard doors to the angel 

wings on the wall. Tangles of lace, delicate pieces of the past, and lots of sparkle fill her home making it warm, welcoming, and cozy. 
So much beauty and JOY fills Ann's pretty cottage home!

Ann also has a fabulous booth at Heritage Antiques and Art Studio in Lufkin, TX. 

Here are a few of the special treasures I purchased at Ann's Tin Rabbit Antiques Open House--precious, ruffled angel wing ornaments, a vintage litho of roses, and a wonderful lace embellished old picture. 

However, my most treasured surprise was finding another inspiring new JuNkIn' friend.
Until next time,
Peace, love, and all 
the good stuff, sweet friends!


  1. Oh you captured her home so beautifully. I just rated her on Looking forward to our trip this Thursday.

  2. Thank you, Sweet T!! I'll check out the listing. Thank you for telling me about Ann and her lovely place! See ya Thursday for another great road trip! xxoos

  3. It was great to see you again! Think how much more we would hae spent if it hadn't been raining!-xoxox

  4. Lisa, you are so right that it's the beauty of our junkin' friends which we feel blessed to count you as a junkin' sista! I love the pictures and hope that maybe next year I can make the trip to East Texas to see Ann Perry's beautiful open house/show. Have fun junkin' this weekend! Betsy