Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Hey, Y'all! 
We're just back from JUNK Hippy ROADSHOW WACO where we had a GREAT time selling, buying, and visitin' with lots of other fabulous vendors, customers, and JUNKERS, including the good folks from Junk Exchange, Junk Palace, Paper and Lace, Texas Trash and Treasures, Flash and Trash, and Fiddlesticks Emporium of Elgin to name but a few of the inspiring vendors there. Thanks to Kristen and Shawn for bringing their awesome JUNK Hippy ROADSHOW to Waco! 
A special shout-out also to my sweet Momma for working so hard and helping out. Thanks, MoM!! :D
Paper and Lace always has beautiful vignettes 
and needful things.
Fiddlesticks of Elgin brought lots of funky vintage items.
I was pleasantly surprised to look up and see 
this beautiful lady, Holli Schmitz Myers, one of 
my sweet Facebook and Blog friends.
 It was awesome to get to finally meet her in person!
(Picture courtesy of Holli--Thanks!)


Here's a few peeks at our Garden Cat Vintage booth at JUNK Hippy. 

I thought it was most appropriate that after we got all packed up, I looked down and saw this...sparkly Garden Cat tag
That's my new mantra, 
"always leave a trail of glitter"...
Until next time,
Peace, love, and all the
 good stuff, sweet friends!


  1. Your booth was so pretty, but I happen to think the two things that were my favorite were you and your mother. Even glitter can't outshine y'all!

  2. Lisa, your booth looked great and how awesome for your mom to help you. I wish I could have made it. Thank you for taking us along and showing us some great booths. I love leaving a trail of glitter.... usually half is in my hair and clothes and...... LOL
    Take care,

  3. Your booth was beautiful and so was meeting you face to face and your sweet Mom! I wished REALLY look around trying to keep up with my husband. I love the silver mini Christmas tree and the glitter reindeer. Thats a great mantra to have- anything with glitter makes everything all better. xoxo

  4. It all looked great and glad to hear you had a great time.