Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hey, Y'all! I've been putting the miles on my good old SUV, Mattie Mae, driving from Fredericksburg to Brenham with more than a few stops in between. My mom and I recently drove out to the January Fredericksburg Trade Days to see lots of great JuNkIn' friends and their fabulous wares.
Let me tell ya, the stars at night may be big in bright
deep in the heart of Texas, but the chippy,
rusty, and lovingly worn are plentiful deep in
the heart of Texas too.
 Garden Antqs Vint now has a permanent space in Barn One at FTD. Here's a few peeks from her
January vignettes. She promises a fun, different look and even more incredible pieces in February!
 As we exited Barn One, here's the view we saw...
I'm thinking only in Texas can you shop for
great JuNk and see longhorns at the same time!
As this is the year our sweet girl graduates high school, many of our recent travels include destinations with universities. There's a little less time to JuNk, but there's always time to enjoy a beautiful, warm January day and a walk through a San Marcos park.
 In other news, I have finally written the two best words every author loves, "THE END." However, in many ways it's just the beginning of edits and revisions for VINTAGE MURDER The Next Jimmie Rae Flea Market Mystery. Please stay tuned, I'm still planning a spring release date.
When I'm not hitting the JuNkIn' trail, visiting universities with Sweet Girl, or editing VM, I'm usually taking another load of treasures to our booths
We'll also be setting up GARDEN CAT VINTAGE at

JUNK HIPPY ROADSHOW in Rosenberg Feb. 22 and at the

RUSTY, CHIPPY, VINTAGE, HIPPY & GARDEN SHOW in Huntsville March 15 &16.
Next time I'll be sharing pictures from our travels to the lovely Pacific NW.
Until then,
Peace, love, and all
the good stuff, sweet friends!


  1. Thanks for the awesome shout out, but girl there's big changes coming for me at Fredericksburg Trade Days, you'll see. Have fun in the PNW and see you soon!

    1. Hey, Sweet T--Thanks for stopping by--and what??? MORE changes? I can't wait to see what you're going to do next. :) I look forward to catching up with ya down the blacktop soon. Peace, love, and all the good stuff.

  2. You are one busy woman, Lisa! I enjoyed "traveling" along with you on your post. It was great seeing you and your mom at Trade DAys. Take Care.

    1. Hey, Betsy--Thanks for stopping by the blog. I always love hearing from you, sweet friend! I enjoyed seeing you and Elaine...what a great group of folks are at FTD--with such cool stuff. I've been enjoying seeing your great finds on FB. Peace, love, and happy JuNkin'.