Monday, June 30, 2014


Hey, Y'all! It's summertime and I've been traveling across Washington and Oregon visiting friends, enjoying the sights, and yeah, doing as much JuNkIn' as possible. This trip I've had the added fun of decorating what was once our small boring condo into a sweet little abode that feels like home in the Great Pacific Northwest

When we moved our family back to Texas a few years ago, of course I insisted we take our favorite

things. So there wasn't too much personality or character left at our tiny condo. Since we split our time between Washington and Texas these days, Sweet Hubby suggested we make the condo more homey...with flowers, and pink, and old chippy paint furniture. 
"Throw me into the brier patch!"

Well, it didn't take me long to hit the junkin' trail and find the goods.
I made a trip to Joann's and bought utility ticking and a pretty Waverly floral print. 
We hung curtain rods and clipped broad strips of the floral print and ticking fabric to make curtains with white sheers filling in the center. No sewing! 
We already had an Ikea sectional with navy denim slipcovers. I remembered we received a white slipcover set when we purchased the sectional. So the first part of the transformation was simply putting the white slipcovers on. Since we wanted the small space to feel light and relaxing, we accented the room with blues from provincial grey to cobalt. I found dainty vintage English blue and white cups and saucers and a couple of pretty Dutch blue and white plates at thrift stores--so much prettier and more environmentally conscious than paper plates. 
In our bedroom, we needed lots of storage and light.  
This cupboard traveled with us from McKinney, Texas to Seattle and I sold it to a friend in Portland several years ago. Last summer, I bought it back from her.
It looks so pretty in our room, holding a pink toy Tonka pick-up truck and old Homer Laughlin Bluebird plates. 

We found a beautiful antique (French?) metal bed at M & M Antiques in Monroe, WA along with a light blue bedspread.

 I replaced the lampshades and dry-brushed white paint on our black metal bedside lamps and console table freshening and lightening up the space. 

We added some character to the walls with an old bead board door, mirrored cabinet door, an old TX license plate, and an old painting. 

Since we both work from home, we decided we would build an eight-foot long desk to fit into a window niche. We scored this vintage singer sewing machine base at Funky Junk Sisters Junk Salvation and purchased the top at Lowes. We'll use the old wooden top that came with the base for displaying family pictures and mementos. 

Here's how it turned out.
Oh, yeah--the vintage round plaster mirror (in the center) was a $9.99 Goodwill Thrift Store find! 

Now our Northwest nest is cozy and filled with things that make us smile...and isn't that what "home" is all about? 

Until next time,
Peace, love, and 
all the good stuff.


  1. Hi again, Lisa! I LOVE your blog and the way you are feathering your nest. I have that same black lamp, although it fits in with my more Spanish style living room. I also have a backyard "rose" cottage that's just sitting there, waiting for me to find the time to do something with it. So good to have "met" you over on the SinC Gupplies list! happy trails, bobbi c.

    1. Howdy, Bobbi! Thank you so much for checking out the ole blog! Thank you for your kinds words. If you ever hit the road and head to Bryan I have a booth at Emily's Jims and also at Hermann Antique Mall in Brenham. In addition, I set up at vintage markets in central TX. Are you a member of HoTXSinC? I'd love to meet you in person one of these days... Peace, love, and all the best stuff to ya.