Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Hey, Y'all! 
It's hot-sweltering-watermelon-goodness-big-ole-moon-groovin-SUMMERTIME and I'm ready for a little COOL JUNK Hippy fun! 
I've been hand-picking all sorts of fabulous, needful, PINKY things as we've traveled the blacktops across Washington and Texas

If you enjoy farmhouse style, French style, cottage style, rusty relics, vintage prom dresses, garden items, hand-made originals, funky goods, cowgirl sassy wearables or architecturals, then head out to

Texas Highway 237 
Saturday morning to the Lone Star Gallery 

for JUNK Hippy at Round Top where incredible vendors, fantastic goods, and delicious food await!
  Until next time, 
Peace, love, and all 
the good stuff, sweet friends.

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  1. Everything looks fab, Lisa. I hope you have a fantastic show. I can't wait to see pics and hear all about it.